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 Professional Bio - Kekoa Chung


Kekoa, is best known for his Best Selling eBook "Learn How My Girlfriend and I make $100/hr!" (over 12,000 copies sold).  He is a visionary, innovator, and entrepreneur.  His "outside of the box" thinking enables him to storm up some creative ways of making money.


Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Kekoa has a unique approach in dealing with people.  He exudes an excitement for life, and is a life long learner.  Enthusiastic about business, Kekoa is constantly coming up with ideas, and always taking on new ventures.


At the young age of 19, Kekoa was amongst the top eBay PowerSellers in the United States.  He currently has over 10+ years experience on the net, and over 6+ years experience on eBay.  He specializes in ebay, online sales, ebay, promotions, creative/guerilla marketing, did we mention ebay?


Kekoa is currently involved in online sales and ebay.  He has taught thousands of people to make money using some of his creative methods.  He has furthered his business by showing others how to replicate his success.  To see what he can do for you go here.


Kekoa's easy going personality, and casual style of doing business makes him very approachable, giving him an edge over the competition.  Contacting him is just an email away.  He remains down to earth, regardless of the success he has been bestowed with.


Establishing a network of contacts is a vital part of being a successful entrepreneur, Kekoa has done exactly that.  Making strong connections with some of the most successful people in the top industries has led him to land some of the most amazing business deals.  With his top notch contact list, Kekoa is often regarded as the "go to guy" amongst his friends, and associates.  If you need something from Hawaii, he can most likely get it for you and/or make it happen.  His early eBay business was made up of locating Hawaii items, and setting up custom auctions for his customers that made the request.  See more in his resume.


Above all, Kekoa is determined to never work for "the man".  He will continue to live his life long dream of being a successful entrepreneur, and progressively start even more businesses.



 Personal Bio - Keks, Koa, Big K dog.



I'm a Hawaiian Entrepreneur.  Always have been, always will be.  I'm here to put Hawaiian Entrepreneurs on the map.  I've got the skills to pay the bills when it comes to eBay and the internet, so let me know if you want to collaborate.


I'm all about making money, and helping others make money.  I'm extremely talented in that arena, and you should consider yourself lucky to be able to learn from me.  You know I'm just playing with you, lol :)


I've been a hustler since the 3rd grade and haven't stopped since.  (see my resume)  When I have kids, I am going to raise them to be just like me :)



Seriously though, if you haven't guessed it by now, my name is Kekoa, pronounced Kay-ko-ah.  As stated earlier, I hail from the beautiful city of Kailua, Oahu.  Kailua is located on the eastside of Oahu,  I have lived here for most of my life.  I have also lived in California, and Arizona, but Kailua remains my home.  It is the most beautiful place on the planet.  When I have kids, I am going to raise them here.


I went to a private high school in town, about 30 mins from where I live.  That forced me to get up early.  I HATE getting up early.  Probably one of the motivating forces that molded me into the entrepreneur I am today.  Now, I wake up when I want to.  My high school was unique, everyone was part Hawaiian (hawaiian blood), if you're from Hawaii you know where I was schooled at.  I'm Hawaiian, Tahitian, Chinese, Korean, and Irish.


Something you don't know about me:  I have been pulled into the principal's office over 50 times easily.  We won't go into the details.  For other interesting tidbits, see my interview


Through my years of growing up, I have gone though many different phases, both personally, and professionally.  I've been through the surfing and skating phase, where everyday I would skateboard, or go to the beach.  I do mean every single day.  I went through this other phase where all I wanted to do was ride my moped around all day long.  For some reason a lot of guys from Hawaii wish they could have mopeds, there really popular here.  I ended up selling a bunch of mopeds to my friends, and we would go cruising around like a motorcycle gang.


Out of all the many phases I went through, there was one phase that remained constant and that's my money making phase.  I've been doing business since a very young age, I've done and tried so many different things that the easiest way to sum it up would be that I was in the business of making money.


Fast forward to now.  I do a lot of online business, I have many creative ways of making money.  I describe a few of my methods in my best selling ebook.  I have also helped thousands of people make money online, and as a result, that is what I am focusing my efforts on now.  I do this because it is the most rewarding, and it makes me feel good about my work.  I love getting those thank you emails, and those emails from people saying how I have helped them so much.  The feeling that I get when I receive emails like that, is better than anything.  To see how I can help you go here.


Now you know a little about me, I'd like to know a little about you.  Contact me by email, or hit me up on myspizzle.


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